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Will be trying these soon on smallmouth's
Rich Keller, Michigan

Met two guys back in early/ mid 90's at cape Hatteras who were promoting these lures. I believe they said they were from Maryland and I first met them on the water in the Albemarle sound. I was fishing for speckled trout and so were they. They insisted that I take some of the lures and proceeded to give me a couple hundred or so. Apparently they had been catching trout already and if I remember correctly, they had been catching fish on the Chesapeake bay just prior to their trip to Hatteras. I caught the devil out of trout during the next several days. Continued to see the two gentleman until weeks end and we would speak to each other about our success. I never forgot the name or the style( holes in tail were unique). Just picked y'all up online not even knowing if you still existed. Planning a trip to Topsail Beach in November and I'm getting ready to order some. Will be casting for trout in surf which is something I've never done but the impression that your lures left on me more than twenty years ago prompted me to find you.
Nelson whitaker, North carolina

Missed these... Walleye will chew on em!
Tom Hardman, Pittsburgh

I caught my very first snook at boca grande Florida using a Mr wiffle white body red tail. Caught a keeper snook and a juvenile snook that day and to make it even better like that could happen I was rewarded with a hefty 15 lb red fish off the same Mr wiffle.
Tracy Lee, United States

fish only artificials and flies and the wiffle is the most effective lure I ever used for snooks and reds. .hands down out fishes all other plastics and accident I found if u mix pearl white with some other cheap chartreus plastics they will bleed together and give the pearl white a green glow.guess it makes it look more like a greenback.all I know is it makes the wiffle deadly.try it yall like it!!!!!!
ron sprague, tampa fl

I just tried Mr Wifflelure for the first time today and caught a largemouth within the first few casts. I used the lure with just a hook so as to keep it running close to the surface. Looking forward to using this lure and getting more in order to catch more Bass.
Marc Paglia, Deerfield Beach, FL

You've got terrific knowlwdge these.

I like mr wiffle lure
Thomas Dominick

Never have used your lures before however am looking forward to it.
KevinR, Hudson Florida

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