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Bass Fishing On Lake Choctaw in London, Ohio

From: Joe Fuchala
Date: Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 3:26 PM
Subject: SCENTED MrWiffeLure Soft Plastic Fishing Lures:Lures

I live at Lake Choctaw in London, Ohio and purchased two sets of your lures.  Have great success with them and have been averaging at least 1 or 2+ lb largemouth bass when using them.

Great lures.


Seatrout. We Specialize In Fish!

Fishing the 10,000 Islands today and I landed my biggest seatrout ever! This 22″ seatrout attacked my all white MrWiffelure! He was to big to keep, so we quickly released him for one of you to battle some day! MrWiffelure’s are like candy for seatrout!

They can’t resist! Be one of the first to sign up for Hook’em in the Glades fishing fundraiser tournament and you will get a sample of the irresistible lure! #MrWiffelure #EvergladesCitySchool #CCPSproud

Snook. We Specialize In Fish!

A Popular Bait For Snook.

Hi Skip, I was fishing the 10,000 islands today with the white body, pink tail MrWiffelure and I hooked up with the BIGGEST Snook I have ever hook up with!  The beast jump up several times and my line got cut on his gills!  I so wanted to land that bad boy and post a picture!!

It was invigorating to say the least!!  I​’m loving the MrWiffelure!  Is there a color that is good for Redfish? –Have a great weekend! Mrs. Jill Whitcomb
4" Rootbeer Glitter Gold w/Pink Glitter Tail

Rigging Shad Style Plastic Baits


Crappie Or Pan Fish Bait

Crappie Pan Fish Bait

Saltwater Fishing Success a with crappie pan fish baitMy First time fishing with a crappie or pan fish bait in salt water I caught a  jack crevalle, spotted sea trout, silver trout, catfish, and  a little red fish in the those first five casts using what you would think was a Crappie pan-fish bait the 2″ micro new technology MrWiffelure.

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June Bug Plubber Worms For Bass

9 lb. Bass caught with June Bug Plubber Worm by MrWiffelureI was sitting at home after work for about an hour, when I got the thought that I need to rig up a Mr.Wiffelure June Bug Plubber Worms I got from Capt. Skip. Weedless and unweighted.

I had a few colors, but picked the June Bug Plubber Worm since there was a little bit of sun left. I wanted something to shimmer. I rigged it up on a zoom horny toad hook, which worked perfect.

So I head out to one of my best spots and start casting.

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Trout Fishing With Soft Plastics

Trout Fishing With Soft Plastics Can Produce Amazing Results.

Everybody Catches Fish With MrWiffelure. Spread The Word.

We are always experimenting with different stuff. This particular lure here, I put eyes in. I don’t know if you can see the red eyes.

Soft Plastic Baits Shad Body Chartreuse PearlHere is our standard chartreuse pearl. We haven’t figured out a way to economically add the red eyes as of this writing. I’ll do a video for you guys on how you can add the eyes yourselves. It’s very easy to do.
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Fishing With Micro Baits

Fishing With Micro Baits Produce Massive Results

Fishing With Micro BaitsWhile fishing with micro baits with Capt.Rodney Raffield out of Chokoloskee Florida we discovered how to catch those fish that were nibbling our baits. We kept getting these nibble bites and the fish wouldn’t inhale the bait, we kept getting bite , but we couldn’t get a hook set.

So I mentioned to Capt. Rodney, next time we get a chance to fish together  I am bringing with me the New Technology 2″ sonic tailed micro wiffle by MrWiffelure.” Read More→

Best Bait For Saltwater Fishing

Introducing Our Best Bait For Saltwater Fishing!

MrWiffelure’s Best New Technology Soft Plastic Fishing Bait Colors.

Hello everybody, this is Captain Skip of MrWiffelure. I wanted to share with you today, about some of our New Technology Sonic lures and the standard colors that are  available. All of our Best Bait For Saltwater Fish are available on the website:

Best Bait For Saltwater FishThere are more colors, but let me go over the most popular real quick. In the 4″ size MrWiffelure’s.

We have the pearl white, incandescent white with a red hue and a hot pink fire tail, black smoke, watermelon green red flake, root beer glitter gold with a chartreuse tail, pearl white, avocado glitter gold, & chartreuse pearl.
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How To Catch Bigger Fish

You Can Catch Bigger Fish with MrWiffelure.!

Hello everybody this is Captain Skip with MrWiffelure. We have another video here for you that we’re going do today on How To Catch Bigger Fish. Today I want to cover the use of MrWiffelure baits in combination with your hard plastic baits.

How To Catch Bigger Fish With Hard Plastics And
Soft Plastic Baits Together.

Here, I have a Rat-L trap, I have a nice Rat-L trap lure and we have changed the hooks you’ll see on all these baits we got rid of the treble hooks. I feel the treble hooks hurt the fish as well as the anglers when you’re trying to get them out they’re very dangerous. So we switch all our hooks to circle hooks on our hard plastic baits. That’s how to catch bigger fish.

Get All Your Favorite MrWiffelure here

This is a one ot Gamakatsu hook and on this bait I’ve added a two inch micro wiffel in the color shrimp glitter gold. Of course you can put any color wiffelure on the bait that you want and these baits are easy to modify as far as changing the hooks from a treble hook to a single, circle hook just by buying some split rings taking the old hooks off and putting the new ones on.

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Best Bass Fishing Worm

Our Best Bass Fishing Worm: Introducing the 8-inch Plubber Worm, It’s Rubber And Plastic Blended Together Creating A Very Tough Bait. So You Can Catch Big Fish With This Same Bait Over and Over! A Real Money Saver That Calls Fish On!

Best Bass Fishing Worm For Big BassWe really feel is the world’s best bass fishing worm. Our best bass fishing worm is a very tough limber worm, with the best action tail on the market that floats upward while sitting on the bottom.

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