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June Bug Plubber Worms For Bass

9 lb. Bass caught with June Bug Plubber Worm by MrWiffelureI was sitting at home after work for about an hour, when I got the thought that I need to rig up a Mr.Wiffelure June Bug Plubber Worms I got from Capt. Skip. Weedless and unweighted.

I had a few colors, but picked the June Bug Plubber Worm since there was a little bit of sun left. I wanted something to shimmer. I rigged it up on a zoom horny toad hook, which worked perfect.

So I head out to one of my best spots and start casting.

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Best Bass Fishing Worm

Our Best Bass Fishing Worm: Introducing the 8-inch Plubber Worm, It’s Rubber And Plastic Blended Together Creating A Very Tough Bait. So You Can Catch Big Fish With This Same Bait Over and Over! A Real Money Saver That Calls Fish On!

Best Bass Fishing Worm For Big BassWe really feel is the world’s best bass fishing worm. Our best bass fishing worm is a very tough limber worm, with the best action tail on the market that floats upward while sitting on the bottom.

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