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A Popular Bait For Snook.

Hi Skip, I was fishing the 10,000 islands today with the white body, pink tail MrWiffelure and I hooked up with the BIGGEST Snook I have ever hook up with!  The beast jump up several times and my line got cut on his gills!  I so wanted to land that bad boy and post a picture!!

It was invigorating to say the least!!  I​’m loving the MrWiffelure!  Is there a color that is good for Redfish? –Have a great weekend! Mrs. Jill Whitcomb
4" Rootbeer Glitter Gold w/Pink Glitter Tail

Rigging Shad Style Plastic Baits


How To Catch Bigger Fish

You Can Catch Bigger Fish with MrWiffelure.!

Hello everybody this is Captain Skip with MrWiffelure. We have another video here for you that we’re going do today on How To Catch Bigger Fish. Today I want to cover the use of MrWiffelure baits in combination with your hard plastic baits.

How To Catch Bigger Fish With Hard Plastics And
Soft Plastic Baits Together.

Here, I have a Rat-L trap, I have a nice Rat-L trap lure and we have changed the hooks you’ll see on all these baits we got rid of the treble hooks. I feel the treble hooks hurt the fish as well as the anglers when you’re trying to get them out they’re very dangerous. So we switch all our hooks to circle hooks on our hard plastic baits. That’s how to catch bigger fish.

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This is a one ot Gamakatsu hook and on this bait I’ve added a two inch micro wiffel in the color shrimp glitter gold. Of course you can put any color wiffelure on the bait that you want and these baits are easy to modify as far as changing the hooks from a treble hook to a single, circle hook just by buying some split rings taking the old hooks off and putting the new ones on.

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Snook Fishing Season In South West Florida

A Big thank you to Frank Colontonio over at

Snook Season opens this week so as you all can see i’m gearing up for it. These Video Clips were taken as i was tooling around Charlotte Harbor scouting out some old fishing holes with my Mr Wiffle Lure collection of pre-sented sonic tail soft baits. “Everybody catches fish on Mr Wiffle!”


As Seen In Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine

Everybody Catches Fish With MRWIFFELURE

MrWiffelure has multiple sizes of inshore baits and over 50 color combinations of its Sonic Tailed Soft Plastic FishingLures.

Among the new size options is the 2 inch Micro MrWiffelure that’s sure to be hit with anglers targeting smaller inshore species.

There’s also a new 6-inch Shad Style Body for big inshore species. Visit us a You Can Get Your Favorite Soft Plastic Fishing Baits here at






Top Plastic Baits for Saltwater in Fall
by Captain David Rieumont

courtesy of our friends: The Online Fisherman

pearl-white-sonic-tail-lure-arrowSnook hunt and track their prey better then most fish using their lateral line.

Snook are also a superior feeding fish which means the majority of the time they are eating baits from the middle water column to the top of the water column.

Snook at this time of the year will be hanging around many flats just outside river mouths, creeks and canals.

They are mean and hungry.060

A soft plastic bait that puts out a sonic vibration, has some size to it and has an action that gets snooks attention is the Mr. Wifflelure. The 4-inch in Pearl White is the way to go. Work the bait in and around these flats at different speeds utilizing the Mr. Wifflelure sonic tail.

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I fish from land with shrimp at high tide yet only get small fish. What can I do?



Since you went and fished that area two hours before high tide and stopped two hours after high tide with poor results, you should change things up a bit. For example, you should go back to the same area on the same tide and instead of using shrimp, use another live bait like a scaled sardine, grunt, pinfish, creek chubs, finger mullet and even crab. If you get no results go back to the same area on another tide phase like the middle of the outgoing and try that with shrimp, scaled sardines, grunts, pinfish, creek chubs and finger mullet etc.

You also have to try the area not only on a different tide stage, but different moon phases when the tidal current is optimized. Two to three days before and after the full and new moons each month the tidal current is at its strongest. These are times you want to make sure you fish no matter what area you are in. Also bring some artificial baits along with you, like some Mr. Wiffelure plastics with an assortment of different weighted jig-heads. The Mr. Wiffelure is a great search bait it will let you work an area quickly and effectively.

mrwifflelure-4-inch-soft-plastic 454cbdbbeba5db5945872945ddbbae30
Snook, redfish and trout love them, not to mention all the other species that will gobble up a Mr. Wiffelure. I would also go to our forum and ask who else fishes that area and has success. I am sure they would gladly join you and show you what they do to be successfull. That is the reason we built this site. Also all of us go through our fishing slumps, until we pattern the fish again.

Fishing is a process of elimination, and trail and error, until you tactically put a pattern together. Then the fishing becomes great, until Mother Nature or some other variable throws you a curve ball. That is what makes it fun. Once you start catching fish in an area during a certain time of year and a certain tide on a certain lure or bait, its a good bet that if your repeat the process and use the same variables, there is a good chance you will have good results.

Thank you for sending in your question to The Online Fisherman. Let us know how your fishing goes and send us some photos.

Captain David M Rieumont

The Online Fisherman Inc.



Every Mr. Wiffle Lure has received the Seal of Approval from North American Fisherman Magazine

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The Original Mr. Wiffle Sonic Tail Lure comes in 3 sizes:

The œLil’ Wiffle at 1-1/2 in length is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. This lure is just right for any size fish from small pan fish to large sport fish like Redfish or Walleye. Crappie find this lure irresistible as do smallmouth bass, speckled sea trout, flounder and many other species of fish. It is such a versatile lure and can be fished as a trailer on your favorite spoon; on a bottom rig for saltwater fish like croaker and spot; or on a jig head for casting and jigging.

Our 4inch: This lure’s tail action is second to none and again is the perfect soft plastic for casting, jigging or trolling. This lure catches practically every species of game fish and it has even caught a

½ red drum ½ black drum hybrid that nobody knew existed until professional fishing guide Robert Brooks and his client caught it on our white /red tail Mr. Wiffle on day in Texas.

Our 6inch: This is the largest of our Original Mr. Wiffle lures and it has caught both freshwater and saltwater fish. The publication In Fisherman called the Original Mr. Wiffle six inch lure œOne of the best lures they had ever used for catching freshwater Northern pike and Musky. It is used in the Florida Keys for Grouper, in deep water lakes for largemouth bass, stripe bass, walleye and in California they use it for Calico bass. There are no limits to what this lure catches.Our 6inch: This is the largest of our Original Mr. Wiffle lures and it has caught both freshwater and saltwater fish. The publication In Fisherman called the Original Mr. Wiffle six inch lure œOne of the best lures they had ever used for catching freshwater Northern pike and Musky. It is used in the Florida Keys for Grouper, in deep water lakes for largemouth bass, stripe bass, walleye and in California they use it for Calico bass. There are no limits to what this lure catches.

Our 8inch Mr. Wiffle œMouthful worm w/ sonic tail: B.A.S.S Masters magazine called this one of the most unique lures they had ever seen and our customers tell us it has accounted for more 5 pound plus Largemouth bass than any worm they have ever used. But that’s not all¦.try it in saltwater for Stripe Bass and Cobia or Ling, Redfish and Speckled Trout, you’ll be glad you did.

Our 6inch Mr. Wiffle sonic tail worm is a real œMagic Trick when tied on a rear weighted hook with a loop knot this lure can do all sorts of tricks with just a flick of the rod tip and wrist. You can make this lure go back under the lily pads or a bank or a dock, take it away from the fish and then put it back in their face if you like, there are no limits with this one either. When fished on the saltwater flats or in freshwater lakes there is no better lure to catch fish.Our 6inch Mr. Wiffle sonic tail worm is a real œMagic Trick when tied on a rear weighted hook with a loop knot this lure can do all sorts of tricks with just a flick of the rod tip and wrist. You can make this lure go back under the lily pads or a bank or a dock, take it away from the fish and then put it back in their face if you like, there are no limits with this one either. When fished on the saltwater flats or in freshwater lakes there is no better lure to catch fish.


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This next Article was written 08/19/2013 and posted on

“I recommend you visit their site at It is one of the better online fishing sites I have seen on the internet.”.-Capt.Skip MrWiffelure…

They’re Back One of the favorite books I have on my library shelves (yeah, I have a library) was written many years ago by a friend of mine named Mark Sosin. If you have fished like we have – all our lives, as often as we could for whatever we could catch – you know who he is; his smile, his passion, and his knowledge of everything fishy earned him a special shelf. To say that one book is a favorite is somewhat deceptive though; his last book, whatever the title, is better than the last one. So picking a thirty-year-old title as one of my favorite works by the renowned outdoors writer says a lot about the book. The title? How Fish Hear.

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It is a book about fish biology. This story is not about that book although there is a connection; it is about a lure called MrWiffelure. Back to the Sosin book. When the fish biology manuscript was presented to the publisher, there were more than 350 pages of hardcore biological information presented to us with the soft, gentle and friendly Mark Sosin style. Publishers being what they are, it was edited to slightly more than 250 pages, but remains the best book there is about how fish act and why they act that way. From linear lines to how they detect molecules when they smell something, you will be a better angler for reading it if you can find it. We recently wrote an article called “How Fish Hear”, and it was largely based on the Sosin book.

When we then heard that one of the best sound attracting lures we ever used was back on the market, it brought back some great fishing memories. The first time I used one personally was probably twenty years ago, when my very dear friend and local fishing icon Captain Mel Berman tossed one to me. Mel’s popular radio show led to his getting a lot of cool free stuff, and my being one of his go to free fishing trip guys led to me getting to fish with a lot of it. The lure he tossed me that day was a soft plastic tail. Long a devotee of white bucktail jigs, at the time I was still not convinced that plastic would be as effective as hair.

Hair breathes. Plastic wiggles. Granted, plastic is soft, plastic is wiggly enough, and plastic is cheap. But plastic ripped apart, and I could fish a white bucktail till it had four hairs left and a snook would still hit it if I worked it right. But the lure Mel tossed me that day was different. MrWiffelure comes in 7 colors currently with many more colors soon to be available First, it had a circled tail. Shaped like a sickle, it seemed like the tip of the tail was pointed in the wrong direction: towards the front of the lure. Secondly, the tail had holes in it. It was called Mr Wiffle. I normally dismiss the names of lures; they are jigs, plugs, or topwater to me. I categorized lures based on where in the water column they ride, not on some advertiser’s idea of what will catch my eye on a package I’m gonna donate to the landfill. Landfills – and lure names – are for archeologists.

Whether a lure bounces on the bottom, swims midway between the surface and the mud, or pops and bubbles around on the surface is more important to me than it being the Cosmic or Diamond or something. Sonic Tail The design of the Mr Wiffle Lure made it so effective on speckled trout, snook, and redfish we chased that I asked Mel for the bag. He gave it to me, and they must have lasted a year. I am a live-bait angler for the most part. For a bag of thirty-odd tails to last me 12 months meant I used them. They got used up because they got eaten. After a while they started showing up in the stores, and before the founders and original owners of the company first split partnership and then encountered health problems, they were very popular. With good reason. The tail wiggle was just right, and putting the holes there did the trick; the sound drove the fish nuts, and the fish tried to eat them or kill them. Either way fish picked them up, and their being taken from the market in the early 2000’s and lost to the angling community was a bummer. They worked and they worked well. Why? I was sure it was the holes in the tails.

I saw Mark Sosin use them, and talk about the sound the holes created, and why the curved tails acted differently as a result of those “sonic” holes than others that look similar but do not produce as well. Before we go any further, we need to admit that all soft tails work if they are worked well, and curved tails like the ones on the MrWiffelure generally work better than flat or fat ones do.

But that lure with the holes worked better. The rebirth of a proven lure We watched Sosin talk about Mr Wiffle Lures on a lot of shows. He wasn’t getting paid in a lot of the mentions; he mentioned them because he loved them. But like many great products from the past that somehow vanished, the Wiffle went away. No more Sonic tails, no more visibly unique and proven effective Mr Wiffle lures.

Then along came a fisherman. Talking to Captain Skip Strong to find out how the lure resurfaced in our world was far more interesting than just talking to a guy who made lures. I mean there is a lot to be said about guys who make lures – any and all lures. We are friends with Dean Bagley, whose dad went from cutting pork rinds to improving a lure called a Rapala. The success of the Bagley Bait speaks for itself.

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But the renewed availability of the MrWiffelure is even more of an American success story. It is a story of rebirth. Capt Skip Strong showing off a bass that recently inhaled his pearl white MrWiffelure From trucks to artificial lures Skip’s story is as cool as the highly effective lures he brought back to a market that felt the company’s demise where it hurts the most; on the decks of their boats, in the waters they waded, on the beaches were they caught those gorgeous speckled trout and on the docks and piers they prowled at night.

They missed the sonic fish-attraction tails. They still fished with jigs and they still fished where the fish were, but they fished without those lures. I asked the captain why the heck he decided to restore the line of effective baits: “I was as far from the fishing industry as I could be.”

Skip said when I interviewed him. “I started my first business when I was nineteen and didn’t know anything about operating a business. I was in business for two years before I sort-of realized what a business was. But I was convinced that if I kept working hard, created a product that people needed and would buy from me, and paid attention to keeping those people happy – that any business I wanted to create would succeed.

After a long life pretty much succeeding at what I did, I guess those ideas were solid.” I can talk to as many successful businessmen and women as I have time to breathe, and the story of hard work and persistence will never lose its gleam; persistence, hard work, and keeping customers happy while providing good products is what makes a company. The business Skip was in was building custom, lawn care pest control trucks.

Have you ever seen a bug truck? The kind pest companies use to deliver death and destruction to anything from the Ratville that grew to grandeur in your garage or the termites chomping on that relic of a house you own? Skip’s company built those specialized trucks, and every major bug company in the country needed them.

True to his basic business strategy, Skip kept them happy. As the business grew and grew, along came the Jimmy Carter Presidential years and 20% interest rates. Due to the cost of borrowing money at the time, many customers were not having new trucks built but instead were fixing up the ones they already had.

Keeping those customers happy meant fixing the trucks he sold them. Not fixing them, really – but at least supplying the parts they needed to fix them. So with the help of a good friend, Captain Skip created a replacement parts catalog and converted the company to a mail order specialty parts company. This was all pre-internet days of course. That change in business focus did what the first iteration did: it grew.

“By the time the catalog business got to where it was doing really well – after 35 years of hard work, I just wanted to live the dream of fishing, hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. I was ‘over it’; the challenge was gone – and the pressure, the stress, and just the time it took to run the company was keeping me from what I wanted the most.

The outdoors.” I can relate to that one Skip. It is Friday afternoon at four o’clock, this article is late, and needs to run by Monday. “So I sold the business” Capt Skip continued. “I figured it was time to stop working and start hunting and fishing.” So the story has a happy ending, right? Wrong. “Hard to believe, right? I found one could only fish and hunt so much. Also there was no challenge or sense of purpose to doing the honey do’s around the house. After 3 years of retirement I needed something with more of a sense of purpose and challenge to occupy my time”.

Fate intervened – and one day at a boat ramp in Chokoloskee, Captain Skip ran into an old family friend and Skip asked his friend what he liked to fish with in the area. He told Skip that he preferred the Mr Wiffle lure. Skip said, “what the heck is that I’ve never seen or heard of one”. His friend gave him some lures and said you couldn’t buy them anymore that the company had disappeared.

This is how the good Captain Skip was introduced to the most sound-making, fish-attracting soft plastic tails he had ever seen or fished with. And like the trout it was catching, it caught Skip. “After that first fishing trip with the Mr Wiffle, I had to find more. I got online, started looking, and found something I could not ever imagine finding. I found the mold to make the lures for sale. And I decided right then and there that I was going to make them again to fulfill my need of something to do. With the love and my passion for fishing it would fit me perfectly.

I also decided that I was going to add smell, better colors, and make them as good as they were when fishermen first fished and fell in love with them – but better.” The rebirth was under way. Finding the mold was an opportunity the experienced entrepreneur would not resist. Could not resist, really. It turned out that the guy who had invented the lure, and got it into the hands of guys like Mark Sosin and his followers had run into a problem with his partner. That development took the lure out of the hands of dozens of regional independent tackle shops, and even the big box stores; Walmart had started carrying them.

Then cancer struck the inventor, and what is really important rose to the top as he had decided to sell the molds. When Capt Skip stumbled upon the original Mr Wiffle Lure molds available and for sale – he knew almost instantly what his next business would be… bringing MrWiffelure back to market – back into our waters and tackle boxes. From there, me and Skip laughed about finding things in Google – much less finding those molds. “They were on the tenth page of the search engine, Gary.” Skip laughed.

“Most people stop looking at page three when there are a thousand possible page matches. The Mr Wiffle lure had so many online references over the years that the inventor’s advertisement to sell the molds would have been lost in the fray. I start looking at the eighth or tenth page when I do searches. And that habit in this case led me directly to my new destiny.” The rest of the story includes all the things it takes to get a product to market: the late night phone calls, the belief that an online product would just slide off the shelves, and the rest of the business world. “The first night we put the products online, our computer hung up.

I remember saying to my wife wow!!! Look at this! We probably have so many orders that the computer is overloaded. Then I discovered it was a bad hard drive, there were no orders and an overwhelming demand for a great product missing from the shelves for the past decade did not yet exist and would have to be created. So reality struck home”. But that same kid that refused to quit when reality hit him at age twenty-one, got the lures to market where they are destined to stay. Go to lures Lures are like wine; one sipper’s sublime is another’s sour juice. But lures meant to catch fish – and activate the sound machines that their entire bodies are designed to be – rise to the top.

There are a thousand “swimming” lures designed to suspend at some depth in the water, just as a Mirrodine does – but for some reason those Mirrolures are uniquely effective. Topwaters are all over a typical well-stocked store where fisherfolk stop on their way to a lake to catch largemouth bass – but said fishers also seem to find their way to the Zara Spook aisle as quickly as they can row a canoe or run a Jon boat to the Lilly pads where the fish are. And when the Mr Wiffle Lure made its way into the regionally limited place it ruled for many years, it often times lived in the space in tackle boxes where soft plastic tails reside – just as it shall again.

Additionally, a new product from MrWiffelure is just being introduced as well according to Skip. The “Plubber” worm is a soft worm that utilizes the same “sonic” holes in its tail that made the original Mr Wiffle so effective and so popular. This worm will be available in 8 of the most common colors initially. Available in both 6″ and 8″ sizes, the new ‘Plubber’ worm from MrWiffelure looks at a glance as if it would be an ideal Cobia bait along with it’s already known and proven ability to catch Bass in freshwater.

Win em or buy em – but get some It has been a lot of years since I tossed a MrWiffelure, but we’ve already gotten a few of the Captain’s Sportsmans variety packs and I can’t wait to break into one and get some Wiffle magic happening once again on my favorite jighead. We will also be giving away a few of those Sportsmans variety packs as part of our TOF weekly giveaways. So maybe you can win some MrWiffelures if you register when you see the giveaway Ad. But lots of people enter our weekly giveaway contests so relying on that means of procurement is a long shot – and we strongly suggest you give these sonic tails with the beautiful flutter a try.

Skip is glad to offer TOF readers an extra incentive to try these great soft baits in the form of a 10% discount off any purchase when you buy online at the company’s website. So click on one of the Ads you see here on TOF or go to and type TheOnlineFisherman in the “coupon” space at checkout to get your TOF discount. And in terms of being locally available, Captain Skip has committed to only work with independent and privately-owned tackle shops – a decision that we greatly respect and strongly support. The MrWiffelure is distributed direct to the Tackle Shops on the SW coast of Florida by Stanley Sports Supply in Clearwater. So you will not be finding the audio-intense and fish-catching MrWiffelures at Wally World anytime soon.

These will only be sold at your neighborhood tackle shop or directly from the online store. We will be making sure the lures are at least available at our supportive stores locally, so watch for them to be available soon at Tampa Fishing Outfitters and Tarpon Fishing Outfitters. Tight lines 🙂

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Fishing Friday: Tackle Grab Sends You Lures

Want to have Christmas every month? Tackle Grab makes it happen – sort of.

It seemed like a really interesting way to play with some new fishing tackle: the folks at Tackle Grab signed me up for a three month membership, to try to get me to write about their service. Hmmm… seems like it may have worked. fftacklegrab-used-with-permission This is what arrived at my house today, in the Tackle Grab box: a coil of nickle-titanium leader, a bag of Mr. Wiffle jig tails, and a sweet Yo-Zuri popper. When you join Tackle Grab you fill out a membership form which asks what types of fishing you do, which species you target, and the tactics and tackle you like to use. Then, once a month, they send you a box of goodies which are appropriate to how you filled out the personal profile on the membership form. They guarantee a retail value of $16 or more for the tackle that comes your way, and monthly memberships cost between $12 and $14, depending on how long you sign up for. When I first spoke with these folks, I had my doubts… [read the rest of the story]