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Best Bait For Saltwater Fishing

Introducing Our Best Bait For Saltwater Fishing!

MrWiffelure’s Best New Technology Soft Plastic Fishing Bait Colors.

Hello everybody, this is Captain Skip of MrWiffelure. I wanted to share with you today, about some of our New Technology Sonic lures and the standard colors that are  available. All of our Best Bait For Saltwater Fish are available on the website:

Best Bait For Saltwater FishThere are more colors, but let me go over the most popular real quick. In the 4″ size MrWiffelure’s.

We have the pearl white, incandescent white with a red hue and a hot pink fire tail, black smoke, watermelon green red flake, root beer glitter gold with a chartreuse tail, pearl white, avocado glitter gold, & chartreuse pearl.
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How To Catch Bigger Fish

You Can Catch Bigger Fish with MrWiffelure.!

Hello everybody this is Captain Skip with MrWiffelure. We have another video here for you that we’re going do today on How To Catch Bigger Fish. Today I want to cover the use of MrWiffelure baits in combination with your hard plastic baits.

How To Catch Bigger Fish With Hard Plastics And
Soft Plastic Baits Together.

Here, I have a Rat-L trap, I have a nice Rat-L trap lure and we have changed the hooks you’ll see on all these baits we got rid of the treble hooks. I feel the treble hooks hurt the fish as well as the anglers when you’re trying to get them out they’re very dangerous. So we switch all our hooks to circle hooks on our hard plastic baits. That’s how to catch bigger fish.

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This is a one ot Gamakatsu hook and on this bait I’ve added a two inch micro wiffel in the color shrimp glitter gold. Of course you can put any color wiffelure on the bait that you want and these baits are easy to modify as far as changing the hooks from a treble hook to a single, circle hook just by buying some split rings taking the old hooks off and putting the new ones on.

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