How To Catch Bigger Fish

You Can Catch Bigger Fish with MrWiffelure.!

Hello everybody this is Captain Skip with MrWiffelure. We have another video here for you that we’re going do today on How To Catch Bigger Fish. Today I want to cover the use of MrWiffelure baits in combination with your hard plastic baits.

How To Catch Bigger Fish With Hard Plastics And
Soft Plastic Baits Together.

Here, I have a Rat-L trap, I have a nice Rat-L trap lure and we have changed the hooks you’ll see on all these baits we got rid of the treble hooks. I feel the treble hooks hurt the fish as well as the anglers when you’re trying to get them out they’re very dangerous. So we switch all our hooks to circle hooks on our hard plastic baits. That’s how to catch bigger fish.

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This is a one ot Gamakatsu hook and on this bait I’ve added a two inch micro wiffel in the color shrimp glitter gold. Of course you can put any color wiffelure on the bait that you want and these baits are easy to modify as far as changing the hooks from a treble hook to a single, circle hook just by buying some split rings taking the old hooks off and putting the new ones on.

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Best Bass Fishing Worm

Our Best Bass Fishing Worm: Introducing the 8-inch Plubber Worm, It’s Rubber And Plastic Blended Together Creating A Very Tough Bait. So You Can Catch Big Fish With This Same Bait Over and Over! A Real Money Saver That Calls Fish On!

Best Bass Fishing Worm For Big BassWe really feel is the world’s best bass fishing worm. Our best bass fishing worm is a very tough limber worm, with the best action tail on the market that floats upward while sitting on the bottom.

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How To Rig the Sonic Tail For Superior Results

MrWiffelure Sonic Tail Review. How To Rig the Sonic Tail For Superior Results. Real People Real Baits Real Solutions.

Grouper and Snapper Fishing from Southwest Florida.

Grouper and Snapper Fishing from Southwest Florida.
Everybody Catches Fish With MrWiffelure.
Spread The Word… Everybody Catches Fish with MrWiffelure

Offshore Blue Water Fishing

Offshore Blue Water Fishing Is Amazing. There is nothing else like it.

Offshore Blue Water Fishing For Big Saltwater Fish

Hello everybody, this is Captain Skip with Mr.Wiffelure. I wanted to make a little video to show you all how you could use our largest New Technology sonic tailed six-inch Mr. Wiffle lures for offshore blue water fishing.

Offshore species of big saltwater fish love the Mr. Wiffle lure too. Here’s a sample one, in size, we call a six-incher. It’s got the New Technology turbo sonic tail, chartreuse pearl color, makes a noise, attracts fish, makes them want to bite and then you get to catch the fish.

Offshore Blue Water Fishing LuresHere’s a six-incher, comparably speaking to a four-inch size and now I’ll put up a Micro 2-inch. All three different sizes of Mr. Wiffle lure, micro wiffle lure two-inch, four-inch original wiffle lure and now your getting the chance to see the six-incher. Let me show you some of the basic ways that this is used.

If you are a person that likes Offshore Blue Water Fishing, say like in up to 240′ in depth, you would want to use a rig similar to this. It doesn’t always matter which color. For best results it’s best to use a variety of colors. This is a glitter green Mr. Wiffle lure, with a 3 ounce yellow jig head.

This works great for tarpon in deep water channels  . If you fish the government cut-off Miami, Boca Grande, or the Florida Keys &  jig this off the bottom, most times while drifting, get your color combinations right this lure is a favorite for big Tarpon.

Famous Keys guide & TV Host Rob Fordyce (Silver King & Sea Hunter) told me that on on a day’s fishing trip around some Islamorada keys bridges he was catching Tarpon when nobody else was even though some of them had live bait, he was using the New Technology MrWiffelures.

I use these out in the Gulf of Mexico off SW Florida to catch grouper. Famous Key West fishing guide Ralph Delph & his family use the 6″ New Technology Mr Wiffle lures in there multi boat charter business to catch  large Grouper & Snapper of many species in the Dry Tortugas area.

No other attracting bait needed, just jig Mr  Wiffle Lure off the bottom and catch the many species of fish that lurk in the depths below. Mr.Wiffel Lure does not discriminate in the species of fish it catches, all fish love these New Technology Soft Plastic lures.

Here’s another rig we can use for Tarpon & Snook. The Snook love a redhead with a white bodycombination. This is a white glow Mr. Wiffle lure, red ball head; snook, tarpon, grouper, love this lure setup.

If you like Offshore Blue Water Fishing in the gulf stream, here’s a tip for you,  Rig a trolling spoon with a sonic tailed  Mr. Wiffle lure attached.

A trolling spoon makes quite a bit of motion and action, but if you put the Mr. Wiffle lure attached to the back of your trolling spoon, you’ve enhanced your lure immensely  to attract even more bigger fish & you will get more bites

Results, catch more fish. Its very easy to rig, nothing to it, you can rig it like I show it here or you can rig it through the side of the head, it works either way.

Really you want the New Technology sonic tail to make its fish attracting sound, you want them to see that fantastic action, that’ll get you more bites. Again, more bites equals more fish caught &

I won’t speak for you but I go fishing to catch fish, its that simple, makes it more fun. :-).

6" Soft Plastic Baits Shad Body Glo White for Offshore Bluewater FFor your flat lines & outriggers  this is a basic rig that you could use for dorado dolphin, depending on whatever color  combination you want to use, again, white glow with a chartreuse pearl on it. We’ve got many other colors.I call this the dorado, because it’s got the colors of a dolphin.

Every fish in the gulf stream likes to eat baby dolphin, it’s a favorite food of all the big game fish.

For great results when Offshore Blue Water Fishing put these baits on your jig heads, on your sea witches, on your spoons, on your flat heads for trolling. You’ll catch the fish, and you’ll catch more larger fish. Mr. Wiffle lure has the only sonic turbo action tail is the best action artificial soft plastic tail on the market. It will catch you the fish on your Offshore Blue Water Fishing adventure!

red-snapper-world-recordHere is a picture of a Mr. Kevin Lockwood holding a world record, thirty-four pounder red snapper, caught off Key West, Florida fishing with Capt. Ralph Delph.

He was using a white, probably about an eight oz. jig, with a white glow Mr. Wiffle lure on it. No stinky bait, a world record, thirty-four pound red snapper, that’s quite a nice big fish. You can find that picture on our website.

In the slideshow below you see many of our anglers catches & please send us some pictures of your own after you get your MrWiffelures and we will proudly showcase you on our website.

There’s   quite an assortment of fish variety and don’t forget, Mr. Wiffle lure does not discriminate against the species it   catches, it catches all species of fish, large and small and it catches them whether you want them or not.

MrWiffelure attracts them all. So, please go to our website and For A Limited Time Click Here To Get Sportsman packs as low as $5.99  

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 Order now at MrWiffelure to start catching more fish for all your Offshore Blue Water Fishing needs. You’ll be happy with the results, I’m sure of it.

You can quit using those non-fish attracting baits & switch to MrWiffelure New Technology Sonic Tailed baits. You will be very glad you did. 

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Rigging Shad Style Plastic Baits

Rigging Shad Style Plastic Baits With The MrWiffelure

Rigging Shad Style Plastic BaitsRigging Shad Style Plastic Baits.

Hello, Captain Skip again with MrWiffelure. I wanted to make this video and show you, how we like rigging shad style plastic baits with the turbo sonic tail.


I’ll start out here with a current color that’s on the website –

Rigging Shad Style Plastic Baits

Pearl White with Pink Firetail

Here is our pearl white with a hot pink fire tail and actually this is what we call an incandescent red pearl white. If you put it in the water or get it in a low light situation, it has a pink hue to the white. 

Rigging Shad Style Plastic Baits with an eight-ounce jig is the standard way that most people rig a jig lure for salt-water fishing here in the islands.

Rigging Shad Style Plastic Baits

You’ll want the curl of the tail down, when rigging shad style plastic baits and you want the hook coming out the top wide part of the bait. The bottom of the bait, this has got a shad body, so it’s got a real thin belly and the top of the bait is thicker.

You just want to come in here with your hook, come up a little bit, come out the center of your bait, push it on, straighten it out a little bit and you’re ready to go.

Four-inch Mr. Wiffle lure, turbo sonic tail, that’ll catch you some fish.

Here’s another one, this is a pearl white, rigged up with probably a mission fishing’ quarter ounce jig head, red bumpy white fishing for snook red-head white body, very, very popular, but it catches everything.

This one’s coming on the market, you can order them at and
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That’s a benefit to you, catch more fish for less cost, how about that?

Now this particular, is what I call a poon whopper. That’s p-o-m and whopper like the hamburger. The reason why I call that is, it’s a purple grape with glitter in it and we’ve got it on a mission fishing’ three-ounce jig head, great for tarpon. Tarpon love this little lure.

Everglades National ParkGuys around Everglades National Park, around the Flamingo area, love purple for red fish and tarpon and of course all different varieties of fish on this color. The one thing about the Mr. Wiffle lure baits, they don’t discriminate against what species of fish they catch.

They catch all species of fish, big or small. This particular lure has a little feature on it that maybe some of you have not seen yet. This is the current model, root bear glitter gold.

Four-inch Mr. Wiffle lure with a chartreuse tail, it’s got a dark brown jig head and it’s got a weed guard on the hook, it just feel off. Okay, real easy to use. The weed guard has a slot in it around the eye of your hook and then on the point end, it’s slotted, just fits right into your hook.

You’re ready to go. This solves a problem that a lot of jig fisherman have, with the point of the hook being exposed and snagging oyster bars, grass, rocks, whatever it may stump. This helps that situation tremendously.

You can add any Mr. Wiffle lure to any size jig head with feathers on it and again, like I have said in previous videos this will enhance the bait, the jig, anything you can add a Mr. Wiffle lure to, will enhance the bite. You will get more bite, you will catch more fish.

That’s a four-inch yellow Mr. Wiffle lure, turbo tail. As you probably have guessed, all of our lures have a turbo sonic tail. That’s our trademark, that’s our paten and that’s what we’re known for. Here is a smoke black, four-inch Mr. wiffle lure, probably quarter ounce jig head with eyes on it, rigged up again, like the most common way rigging shad style plastic baits.

Made In The USA

Made In The USA

Here’s the incandescent white, incandescent red, with a pink fire tail. This particular one is rigged up with a woody’s rattle, I don’t know if you can hear it rattling, probably can’t on the camera, but this is rigged up with a woody’s rattle.

Nice way to present the bait. Pearl white Mr. Wiffle lure with a chartreus head jig, this one here’s got a little bleed on it. It’s a four-inch lure, great lure, like they all are.

Coming to the website soon, salt and pepper four-inch Mr. Wiffle lure, is available now. Another one that’s coming to the website, root beer glitter gold, very, very popular color with the snook fisherman and red fisherman from Texas all the way around to Key West, anywhere you catch a red fish. Again, here’s a little plastic plug, with a Mr. Wiffle lure added, very easy to change what color you put on the lure, doesn’t matter which way, if you put it up or down. Just put it on there.

It will enhance your bite, you will get more catches, catch more fish. All right, here’s a little tip for you, two tips, Mr. Wiffle lure makes the sounds that go through the water, the tail ungulates, makes a aura-nomadic sound, with the holes in the tail, great action.

You can add a rattle to it, these are the common rattles you can buy for bass fishing, the way I like to add them and the place I like to add them, right up here, you’ll see on the bait, there’s an eye, put it right through that eye, side-to-side, leave a little bit sticking out of each side.

I don’t know if you can see it or not, but you can paint that eye a color, you can paint the rattle a color and it makes it like an eye on the bait, gives you rattle on the bait. Works real well.

That brings me into something else. My favorite way to fish, the four-inch Mr. Wiffle lure, when I am fishing in the Chokoloskee area, is to use a quarter ounce sliding weight, if you’re an ex-sinker style or a bullet-weight style, with a bead, so that when the weight hits the bead, it makes a clicking sound, that’s a sound that shrimp make.

Now, when rigging shad style plastic baits to the hook, I like to put the shank of the hook to the nose of the lure, through the side of the bait, right in the middle and what you end up with is a, (I didn’t get the.

I’ll get her three, I don’t have my glasses on, okay there we go, what you end up with then, is a bait that’s rigged, with a point a the end, which is not past the nose and as the hook pivots on the bait it is pretty well protected, this makes the rig, it makes it very weed less.

We fish around a lot of oyster bars, we fish around a lot of rock oyster bars, reefs, it makes the rig easier to fish with, so that you don’t get snagged all day long. That’s one of the problems with fishing it with a rig like this, you can get snagged on anything stumps, rocks, oysters that’s around. This works, but this works a lot better.

The other thing that’s good about this, when rigging shad style plastic baits and most of you know, when you change the bait and you take the jig head out of the bait, it tears the inside of the bait, when you put another jig in it, it may be loose, it may not hold very well, fortunately the Mr. Wiffle lure baits are made well enough so that they will, but as time goes on, it wears out the bait eventually.

The bait will not adhere to the holders of the hook that are built onto the jig head, it will keep sliding back and it will be a problem. When you fish the Mr. Wiffle lure, rigging shad style plastic baits this way, like I just showed you, all you need to do to change the bait, is unhook the lure grab another one, put it on there and you are ready to go. Grab this lure, put it in your pocket, whatever you want to do with it.

I carry a pocket full of them when I’m fishing different colors, shapes, sizes, so I can just change. I’ve had tremendous luck rigging shad style plastic baits. This other one is just the same thing, but I just got a bullet weight, yeah I have a bullet weight on this one, with a bead trying to match the color of the lure, with a watermelon red flake.

I have another little tip for you. When you are casting the Mr. Wiffle lure, because the body width is kind of wide, compared to the rest of it, thickness, when you cast it in a heavy wind, it will want to catch in the wind and it may not cast as far as it should.

If you have a little pair of scissors on the boat, you can go down to the bottom of the lure, the skinny part and you can line the bottom of the jaw up with where the tail starts and you’ll just cut right across there, just cut that little bit off, make the lure skinnier, it will cast twenty percent farther by rigging shad style plastic baits this way.

Now you can do this for every use, but we only bother to do this when it’s real windy and we are casting into heavy wind, that’s really when this comes into play.

So there you go, we talked about the four-inch  Mr. Wiffle Lures, don’t forget you can go to our website, For A Limited Time Click Here To Get Your Sportsman packs as low as $5.99. I don’t think you will catch any more fish on any other lure than on the plastic lure, the Mr. Wiffle lure with the turbo sonic tail.

Thank you and we’ll see you out there on the water real soon. Hey don’t forget, if you leave this video or when you leave this video, I want to remind you to go to our website or click on the link.

P1110379Now, I want to take this opportunity to show you our best selling packages of lures if you’ve not used the MrWiffelure before. Here is the eight-inch plubber worms, we call this the, “sportsman’s pack” you get twenty-one lures in the pack, eight different colors, twenty-one lures.

It’s your best value, you get ten percent off of what would be the cost per lure via the standard pack and if you use the promo code when you order “video” you get an additional ten percent and free shipping. Folks, that’s got to be thirty percent off, any way you look at it.

This hand here, I have the four-inch Mr. Wiffle lure, turbo sonic tail, and same thing. Turbo sonic tail eight-inch plubber worm, turbo sonic tail four-inch Mr. Wiffle lure shad lures.

Sportsman’s pack, there’s seven different colors, twenty-one total lures in the pack, they are both variety packs, fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents on the website, that’s an additional ten percent savings over ordering a standard pack of these lures, which will have seven lures in the four-inch shad body and eight lures in the plubber worm.

Order these on the website and For A Limited Time Click Here To Get Your Sportsman packs as low as $5.99 

So that folks Go to the website, order, watch our videos, look at our pictures, place your order, go fishing, catch a lot of fish, I’ll see you out on the water.

Don’t delay, this offer will end without notice. —Captain Skip, over and out.




Big Bass Fishing Tips

A Favorite Lure For Big Bass Fishing.
Battle Tested The World Over. The Rubber Worm.

Big Bass Fishing

Introducing The New Technology MrWiffelure Sonic Tail Plubber Soft Plastic Fishing Worms. 

Watch the video above or read text below to get fishing tips & secrets from Capt. Skip Strong while fishing with the New Technology MrWiffelure fishing lures. Hey, everybody young & old catches all species of fish on them in both fresh & saltwater. Find out the how to’s & what-nots to fishing the best live action like soft plastic fishing lure on the market today. You will catch more & bigger fish I guarantee it. —Capt.Skip

Big Bass Fishing With New Technology MrWiffelure Plubber Worm

Hello everyone, this is Captain Skip Big Bass Fishing with MrWiffelure’s Plubber worm collection.

Today’s video, How To Rig For Big Bass Fishing With The Rubber Worm.

I want to talk about the use of MrWiffelure New Technology worms for Largemouth bass fishing. Mrwiffelure makes a six-inch and an eight-inch, what we call a Plubber Worm.  This is the most basic lure used in of all bass fishing and for all bass fisherman young & old.


Big Bass Fishing TipsThese Plubber worms for big bass fishing have a floating tail & when they are sitting on the bottom, the tail floats & will move in a life like fashion initiating the fish to strike.  Shown is a red-shad color, this is a pepper-strawberry with a white tail, these are six-inch Plubber worm size lures. They are now can be ordered on our website @

  Our 6 & 8 ” New Technology Plubber Worms, we really feel is the world’s best big bass fishing worm. See what BASSMASTER Magazine said about them,”there are probably more Largemouth Bass over 5Lbs caught on the MrWiffelure worms than any other on the market today”.

Big Bass Fishing With The Rubber Worm it can be rigged  Texas rig, Carolina rig, or you can rig it up how I show on the video with a built-on weight on it.

UPDATE: All The Plubber Worms Are Now On Sale At The Website!

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If you use the mustad hooks, for this, this style hook.  I don’t have the exact hook here, but if you use a mustad hook, or a pinch weight and you put the weight on your hook shank and you move the hook forward, the worm sinks directly to the bottom.

The further back you put the weight, when you cast that worm into the water that weight will glide off into the water in a more horizontal direction. This method will allow you to glide the worm under weed bed surface banks & even get into some areas that you might normally only be able to flip in.  This is a motor oil color, there are eight colors available on our website now.  Again, that is the motor oil color.

Here’s another one, rigged another way.  This is a sapphire blue.  This is the color that I grew up fishing with in the South Florida rock pits, eight-inch MrWiffelure plubber worm. It’s a tough worm, it’s a meaty worm, it’s a very, very good worm. It has the best action of any fishing worm on the market whether you fish it fast or slow. I am surprised how many anglers tell me that they like to retrieve these worms by “burning them across the top”. I was taught to fish a worm slow & methodically along the bottom.

Like I said, we think it’s the best, big bass fishing worm on the market.  In the black color, people like to use these in saltwater for cobia, around the wrecks and markers in , because they say they look like an eel and a lot of the salt-water fish will eat an eel.

This is a white, pearl-white with a red tail, MrWiffelure four inch on two-blade spinner bait.  This is a great combination, againg, the best action tail in the industry, it really works well with these spinning blades and these flashing blades on these spinner baits; you need to try it for yourself I promise you will not be disappointed in your catch results .

We use them mainly over the top of weed beds and to oyster bars in salt water, works great for smoking hot Redfish, Snook and of course big bass fishing in fresh waters.

This is a rig here that I believe was initially made by Strike King .  Same thing, it’s a spinner bait, single blade with watermelon red-flake lure, most popular in the salt water and it transverses in a great way over to the freshwater. A very, very good lure & color combination.

4"plubber worm This New Technology 4″, shad body style turbo sonic tail jig lure is just like all the MrWiffelure we produce.  It will hunt & call them fish to you, you’ll get the strikes & bites and you’ll make the catches.

Last, buzz bate, this is a two-blade buzz bate.  Man across the water, as you guys know who are big bass fisherman, these make a lot of noise, they themselves attract the fish and they get the bites, but when you add a MrWiffelure New Technology 4″ shad style bait to it, you enhance the overall performance bite attracting characteristics the bait greatly.The tail action of the MrWiffelure drives the fish crazy; you’ve got to have noise, sound and sight, to attract the fish & the MrWiffelure gives you that itself.

You’ve got the noise, you’ve got the sound, between the buzz bait spinners and the MrWiffelure sonic tail and you got the action with the tail.  You can’t help it if you catch a lot of fish on this lure, especially if you’re a topwater lure  fisherman.

We are in the future going to write & do some videos and try and transverse this whole concept into salt water, I know these MrWiffelures will be a great lure in the shallows of salt water for inshore game fish.

Take a look at our fish catch pictures, send us your emails & photos of your catches and we will see you soon. Thanks you again for watching the video, Big Bass Fishing With The New Technology Plubber Worm.

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Weakfish Fishing Baits

See Your Cart
weakfishWeakfish is another species of fish we hadn’t caught yet today, right Capt. Rodney? 

I think some people call that a croaker. He is talking like one. Sometimes they will really get in the spot where they will.

I can take kids in here and they will just let this thing go to the bottom and reel it and they will catch a lot of those little guys right here. They are out there.

Is that a Snapper? No, this is a pretty fish though and it is a different species. This is a Squirrel fish. If I can get him. Sorry little guy, didn’t mean to do that to you. He got the hook pretty good.

squirrell-fishThere he goes. Look at the colors on him. Another species caught on the Micro Mr. Wiffle.

What we’re doing by us taking the effort to look at these two holes Larry, is it is giving us an opportunity to look at the tide coming a little higher and when that tide comes in a little higher, will be our better chance of catching the redfish.

capt-rodney-backcountry-redfish-chokoloskeeFISH On!

He is acting like a lady, but I don’t know what it is. He’s not jumping though.

No, you are right. Another little weakfish, a silver trout. Rodney caught his on the micro whiffle, here is a weakfish caught on the four-inch pearl white Mr. Wiffle.

Now Skip, till we really hit them good, watch where I cast. If you go just to the right of me, they were hitting pretty good right through there.

I just got thumped, thumped again. I would say it is another weakfish. Oh no, it is a little sea trout, a baby. Go back home little trout, send your granddaddy here.

Look, he ate it before I even moved it. They are liking this white one Capt. Rodney, just pearl white. Another weakfish, a little bigger one. Again, look at how that lure went up the line.

Now Skip, any of the little bit better sized ones, if you want to eat them there is no size limit. Just to let you know. You know what, that is not a bad idea. (Or not, just rounding up a pile of trout. I think we will keep this one.

I know a lot of people will say, I don’t want to fish for take me out and I will tell them, “Look, bad tide for reds.” Some people are better at low tide red fishing than I am, but I don’t have good success around low water for reds. When I get to high waters, to half up and rising and then the high falling tides, that is when I catch them.

Well, I have to say that those two baby reds, they are made for good video. You know if you counted everything that we put on the hook today, we caught 150 fish.

Oh 100 anyways. Actually we caught a lot more than that. –Capt. Skip

Get your favorite baits now and you can have a great day fishing. Don’t hesitate as these discounts won’t last forever!.

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Warning! Warning! Warning!
Continued Use Of MrWiffelure Could
Result In Drastic Depletion Of Fish Stock!
Everybody Catches Fish With MrWiffelure

*the weakfish is sometimes referred to by the name sea trout, though it is not related to the fishes properly called trout, which are in the family Salmonidae.


Weakfish:  Cynoscion regalis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum:
Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Sciaenidae Genus:
Cynoscion Species: C. regalis
Binomial name Cynoscion regalis
(Bloch & Schneider, 1801)

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Fishing For Snook