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4″ Baby Blue Runner

Baby Blue Runner Soft Plastic Baits by MrWiffelure4″ Baby Blue Runner (18ct) Sportsman Pack
Only $5.99

Standard Pack (6ct) Only $1.89
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Trout Fishing With Soft Plastics

Trout Fishing With Soft Plastics Can Produce Amazing Results.

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We are always experimenting with different stuff. This particular lure here, I put eyes in. I don’t know if you can see the red eyes.

Soft Plastic Baits Shad Body Chartreuse PearlHere is our standard chartreuse pearl. We haven’t figured out a way to economically add the red eyes as of this writing. I’ll do a video for you guys on how you can add the eyes yourselves. It’s very easy to do.
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MrWiffelure Apparel

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Fishing For Snook

Best Bass Worms

Liveliest soft plastic bait

This just in from our Lake Okeechobee Pro Staffer Bryceson Wright with a nice Bass caught on a 8″ MrWiffelure Plubber Worm,the liveliest soft plastic bait on the market.
Feel free to post all of your MrWiffelure catch pictures to #MrWiffelure Good Luck Catching!!!


Catch Rates Really Improve with our Bass Buster PLUBBER WORMS. Already Being Hailed The Best Tail Action Of Any Other Soft Baits.Bass Fishing With The Rubber Worm

Back Country Trout Fishing

Trout Country

Back Country Fishing