Variety Pack 8″ Plubber Worms

INTRODUCING Our Newest Bass Busters…
The 8″ Plubber Worms


Variety Colors Plubber Worm® $5.89 (8ct)
$ 15.99 (21ct) Sportsman Variety Pack

Comments below were from Mystery Tackle box customers who received the 8″ MrWiffelure Plubber worms in there monthly boxes.


Better than I thought…

By Jack | 1/31/14
When I first saw the name of the company in a magazine, I didn’t think much of it. Thinking it was just some company that made little curly tail worms, I just kept reading along. When I received them I noticed the holes in the tail and I read up about them and learned they are actually pretty good after all. They action the holes give is great, and they’ve got a great scent as well.


By Ryan | 1/31/14
I always wanted a ribbon tail and finally, I got one! This was my first MTB and this lure was my favorite. The holes in the tail make both vibration and make the lure be very attractive. Noname brands like this can actually be very good, like this lure! Overall, the lure exceeded my expectations in both attractiveness and in quality.

Really nice curl tail bait…

By MNcrappiefishing | 1/29/14
this is a nice thick heavy bait for big bass and has a floating tail for really nice action i will catch a lot of fish on this.

Very Interesting

By Mike | 1/29/14
I have never seen a tail like this on a bait. It has amazing action to it when moving. Can not wait to try it in the spring.

This is a great fluke/swimbait…

By Royce brasher | 1/28/14
Well zoom most definitely has some competition because this bait catches the bass. The holes in the tail make a difference lots more vibration!


By Andrew | 1/28/14
Never used mrwifflelure until now…. good looking worm

durable tough

By ed | 1/28/14
put a straw in it for bubbles & scent

By Arthur | 1/28/14
Can’t wait to see how this bait performs come spring time.